“Zikatar Environmental Center” State Non Commercial Organization is an environmental, scientific-research, educational non profit organization with a status of legal entity which was established in 2002 through restructuring of the “Forest Research Experimental Center” closed joint-stock company, and is considered its legal successor.


The subject of the Organization activities is to ensure study, preservation, protection, stock-taking, inventory, monitoring of natural ecosystems, landscape and biodiversity, development of nature chronicle, within the areas of “Zikatar” State Sanctuary, as well as ensure sustainable use of natural resources of the State Sanctuary, implementation of scientific experiments on landscape and biological diversity of natural forest ecosystems, unique nature monuments, ordinary development of natural resources, their preservation, protection, rehabilitation and reproduction, forest management activities, forest-ecological experimental studies, preservation and reproduction of forest genetic resources within the areas of “Zikatar” State Sanctuary. Forest extension, staff retraining for the management of specially protected nature areas and forest enterprises, organization of practical trainings. As well as Guarding of the forest area and prevention of the activities disturbing natural balance of ecosystems and implement fire safety measures.

“Zikatar Environmental Center” State Non Commercial Organization is comprised of departments of forest extension, forest management, forestry, arrangement of staff training and educational practice, administrative-economic, economic analysis and accounting.

There are 20 specialists in its personnel, including foresters, biologists, zoologists, geographers, agronomists, engineers, cartographers, economists, etc.

"Zikatar" State Sanctuary was established in 2010 and occupies 150 ha area, it is located on the North-eastern slopes of Zikatar mountain of Gugarats Mountain Range on 1150-1450m above sea level altitudes.

The Main objective of establishment is the protection of forest biodiversity, including rare and endangered species and unique nature monuments, as well as habitats of endemic and rare animal species.

The main protection object of the sanctuary is the specific flora and fauna of the forest ecosystems of Northern slopes of Zikatar Mountain, as well as rich historical heritage.

The main forest forming species are Oriental Beech, Mountain Oak, Georgian Oak, Hornbeam and the accompanying species are Oriental Hornbeam, Lime, Ash, Maple, Norway maple, and others.

Zikatar training center was established within “Zikatar Environmental Center” State Non Commercial Organization in 2007. The center offers the following services:

·         Practical training of forest specialists;

·         Practical courses for the students of academic institutions majoring in forestry:

·         Forest extension

·         Organization of seminars and workshops: Complementary activities:

·         Consulting on forest rehabilitation, maintenance, forest management, biodiversity protection, ecotourism development, aimed at raising competitive abilities of communities, private sector and other beneficiaries in the mentioned sectors.

·         Organization of cognitive tourism, Future activity services:

Planting of seedlings,  forest, fruit and decorative tree species

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