Prefecture of Braila has its origins back in April 1828, when the Russian Army led by Peter Wittgenstein reached the Danube. It followed a period of 3 Russian governors and many reforms of that period.


In the document regarding Romanian Principalities, signed at Adrianople between Tsarist Empire and the Ottoman Empire at 2 / September 14, 1829 it was stated that Turkish cities located on the left margin of the Danube, with their territories will be returned to Valahia.

During different historic times, the power management is entrusted to the county government representative in the territory, which was named in 1828 –ispravnic, since August 1831-ocârmuitor, from 1837 until 1864 again cârmuitor, with interruption during the Revolution of 1848, when he was appointed administrator and since 1864-prefect and the institution-prefecture.

In 1864 the concepts of the prefect’s office and prefect have been used for the first time, their origins lying in the French prefecture as stated in the administrative laws of Napoleon I.

This institution did not have local subordination but it received instructions from the Ministry of Home Affairswhile its representative had to be acquainted with all the activities of the local public administration offices and to draw their attention in the moments when they seemed to work against the interests of the community. Also it had to supervise and control the activity of other county institutions in the subordination of the Ministries.

This institution underwent a bumpy development with periods during which responsibilities were either increasing or decreasing, but at all times it kept its role of representative of the central power in the territory, together with all the implications flowing from such a role.

During 1949 – 1990, during the communist party, the prefectures were abolished.

Today, the prefect and the sub-prefect are senior government officials.

In order to exercise his/her responsibilities conferred upon him/her by virtue of law, the prefect has his/her own specialized units.

Nowadays the prefect is the representative of the Govern at local level and his main responsibility is to apply the strategy and objectives of the Governance program. The prefect’s institution has specialized department units  made up by public servants, special status public servants and contractual staff.

Prefect’s Institution - Braila County is composed of three departments: accounting, legal and decentralized services and has in its subordination two community services: 

a) Passports service;

b) Driving license and vehicle registration.

The members of project’s implementation team are:

Razvan Uratu –Counselor, financial office 


Magdalena Risnoveanu-Chief financial office


Valeriu Cirlan- Counselor,  I.T. administrator


Angelica Voicu–Legal adviser


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