Artvin Coruh University was founded on 17th May, 2007 and has been undergoing some rapid developments and changes ever since. The present situation of the university in the year 2010 is summarized below:

The Campuses

 Artvin Coruh University continues its educational, research and socio-cultural activities in two main campuses, one to be found in the city center of Artvin, and the other located 3 km away at the Seyitler Campus.

The main building in Seyitler Campus hosts the President's Office, the Faculty of Forestry, the Faculty of Science and Letters, and the Graduate School of Natural Sciences. Additionally, a plan is underway to build a "Social and Cultural Center" which will include a cinema, seminar rooms, banks, a hairdresser, a cafeteria for students and university staff, a medical center, and a pharmacy (in order to fulfill the requirements of the students and the staff). In additon to the "Social and Cultural Center", a  "Sports Center" with an audience capacity of 900 will be built within Seyitler Campus. The university hopes that with the completion of all the planned social and educational buildings the campus will be able to provide all the necessary facilities for its students.

The city center Campus, located near the River Coruh, hosts Artvin Vocational School. New construction plans call for a "Cultural Convention Center" at this campus, which will enable students to perform their educational activities in a peaceful setting.

Other than these two main campuses, Artvin Coruh University Health College continues its educational activities in its own building in the city center. The town of Arhavi houses the temporary building for the Arhavi Vocational School and the Hopa Vocational School can be found within in Karadeniz Technical University Campus in Trabzon.


We offer education in different academic areas (vocational school, college, faculty and graduate school) and in different levels such as associate, bachelor and graduate. An academic year consists of two semesters, Fall and Spring, which average 14 weeks each. The students in the vocational school, college, faculty or graduate school must renew their registration with the supervision of their advisors at the beginning of each semester. The students must attend the courses: students who have not attended more than 20% of the practical courses and 30% of the theoretical courses cannot take the final exam at the end of the semester.

Additionally, in the Continuing Education Center (which will open soon) there will be various courses that will help students develop their abilities and enlarge their knowledge. In order to introduce the university to newly-registered students and help them accomodate easily to their new environment, the departments and faculties organize orientation programs. Currently, Artvin Coruh University does not have summer school or preparatory class practices.

Computer and Internet Facilities

The University has an internet connection with a speed of 20 Gbit, to which all the departments have access. The Seyitler Campus comes fully equipped with both wireless and ethernet internet connection, in addition to six computer labs in the building with 160 computers. In addition, Artvin Coruh University offers a "distance education class" with a capacity of 40 students.

Scholarship Opportunities

Multiple associations in Artvin, in addition to the Turkish Educational Organization, provide scholarship opportunities to students lacking economic means but showing sufficient academic merit. Students also have the opportunity to contribute to their financial budget by enrolling in part-time work at the university. The university offers a myriad of student work placements, such as the president's office, the international relations office, various academic and administrative departments, in addition to the health and sports complexes.

Mission of the University:

To provide society with knowledge and education characterised by multidisciplinary and international approach in the wide area of environmentally oriented sustainable development.

Faculty of Forestry, Artvin Faculty of Forestry, founded within the scope of University of Kafkas in 1992, started education in 1993. When Artvin Coruh University was founded in 2007, the name and link of Artvin Faculty of Forestry in University of Kafkas was changed into Faculty of Forestry and became a aprt of Artvin Coruh University. The department of Forest Engineering started education in 1993; the department of Landscape Architecture started education in 2006; the department of Forest Industry Engineering started education in 2009.

Our mission is to be an institution that is, to contribute the sustainable admission and industry of natural resources, notably forestry resources, to train forestry engineers who are the pioneer administrators, managers and enterpreneurs of public and private sectors and non governmental organizations and to train landscape architectures and forest industry engineers.

Our vision is to be an institution that is to offer education, investigation and consultancy services at an international level notably in local, regional, national, Caucaisa and Central Asia; to contribute the development of the environment at an social, cultural, physical and financial level; to have healthy relationships with its partners.



LLP Erasmus


Cont. Education Center

Teaching Staff Education Program

Scientific Research Prog.


 Aydın Tufekcioglu, Forest Ecology and Soils, Vice President, Professor.


 Bülent Saglam, Protection Forest Fires, Assoc. Prof. Dr. 


 Mustafa Tufekcioglu, Hydrologist, Asist Prof. Dr.


 Mehmet Yavuz, Forest Management, Asist Prof. Dr.



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