National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULESU)


National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine (NULESU) was established in 1898 year and now is one of the leading educational and scientific institutions of Eastern Europe. Over 37 thousands students and more than 600 PhD, Doctoral students and Students-seekers are studying at 21 faculties of NULESU. Except main campus in Kyiv there are branches all over Ukraine including South Branch "Crimean Agro-Technological University" and 12 Regional Higher Educational Institutions of I-IIIlevels of accreditation.Over 3000 faculty members, researches and faculty support staff teaching and doing research at the University.

Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management (IFLPM)

The Institute of Forest and Landscape-Park Management (IFLPM) of NULESU was established in 1840 year and now is the leading institution of forestry education and research in Ukraine. IFLPM consist of Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Park-Garden Management and Landscape Architecture, Research Institute of Forestry and Decorative Gardening, Botanical Garden of NULESU, and 4 Educational-Scientific Centres. The Boyarka Forest Experimental Station and Yalta Educational-Scientific Centre for Ecobiotechnology of Subtropical Plants and Landscape Architecture (Crimean Peninsula) are the basis for practical training of students and research. IFLPM provides a continuous, holistic and integrated educational process for more than 1500 students who can obtaindifferent degrees: Bachelors, Master or Ph.D. More than 100 faculty members and technical staff are currently employed in the IFLPM.

There are 11 departments functioning in a framework of IFLPM, in particularly: Decorative Gardening and Phytodesign, Dendrology and Tree Breeding, Forest Amelioration and Optimization of Agro-Forest Landscapes, Forest Biology and Game Management, Forest Management, Forest Mensuration and Forest Inventory, Landscape Architecture and Park-Garden Construction, Reforestation and Afforestation, Silviculture, Technologies of Forestry Operations, Wood Processing Technology. Fire Lab of the IFLPM doing research related to fire management, fire policy and science.  

Developments of International programs are one of important priority of the IFLPM. The main directions of international cooperation at the Institute are the faculty and student exchange, participation in international joint research projects and programson biodiversity protection, climate change impact on forests, wildfires management and science, forest certification and forest management. There are a number of partners working with IFLPM on joint project, including Freiburg University, Global Fire Monitoring Center, IIASA, Pennsylvania State University, Sweden University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Yale University and others.

Regional Eastern European Fire Monitoring Centre of NULES of Ukraine (REEFMC)

In 2012 the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Forestry and Park Management, in cooperation with the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC) and the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Fire, financially supported by the Council of Europe (European and Mediterranean Major Hazards Agreement EUR-OPA), decided to establish the Regional Eastern European Fire Monitoring Center (REEFMC). Among of the aims and objectives of the REEFMC next ones should be mentioned: conducting and coordinating of wildland fire research; implementation of research results into fire management policies and practice in the interests of concerned ministries and specialized agencies of Ukraine and neighbouring countries in Eastern Europe; providing information exchange in the field of wildland fires; providing information about latest technological advances in fire management; capacity building (training) and advisory services for developing fire management policies, and enhancing local and national fire management capabilities. The REEFMC, in conjunction with the UNECE/FAO Team of Specialists on Forest Fire and the UNISDR Regional Eurasia Wildland Fire Network and the UNISDR Wildland Fire Advisory Group cooperate with public agencies, the scientific community and civil society groups on a voluntary basis and through official agreements.



 Sergiy Zibtsev,Dr. Sci., Professor of Forestry and Wildfire Sciences 


 Petro Lakyda, Dr. Sci., Professor of Forestry, Director of the Institute of Forestry and Landscape-Park Management of NULESU


 Vadim Bogomolov, Geoinformatics, Remote Sensing


 Anatolii Borsuk, Wildfire researcher, communication responsible, ITC Administrator


 Olga Los, Financial Management


 Vasyl Gumeniuk, Fire Fuel modelling, researcher


Alexei Fesenko, Hydrologist, Senior Scientist, Associate Professor



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