Neighborhood Network regarding fire suppression with an emphasis on protected areas around the Black Sea region will be build up.

The network will be developed among the institutions of the countries that are responsible for forest fires and protected areas. This network will promote collaboration across the countries of the project and enhance the cross-boundary dimension of the project. Participants of the network will include government fire protection and environmental agencies and departments, planners, community and environmental associations, economic operators, management bodies for protected areas (including parks), individual local experts, and stakeholders in each participating country. This will be done in each participating country with key actors in suppressing forest fires and/or protecting protected areas.

The creation of the network will strengthen and expand cooperation between existing institutions and organizations. This will allow the communication among authorities managing natural protected areas and authorities responsible for fire protection in order to exchange expertise, best management practices and innovation in technical and scientific methodologies. This will also provide support for the monitoring, protection and conservation of natural resources and biodiversity. The purpose of the network is to be long lasting and to provide visible assistance. This will be done by trying to establish new collaborations but also by collaborating with existing environmental initiatives. The network will be the key for this particular issue because of the unbalance fires problems in the regions.

The overall aim of the Neighborhood Network is to enhance the collaboration of the institutions related to fire suppression with an emphasis on protected areas and provide more effective management in facing forest fires.


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